Best Camera Lens Cleaner and Cleaning kit – the Guide

The best camera lens cleaner is a must when it comes to cleaning your lenses, as even the most subtle smudge, smear or speck of dust can spoil a beautiful photograph.

Whilst it needs to be highly effective at its job, the best camera lens cleaning kits must also be very delicate and treat your lenses with the respect they deserve! After all, with some fragile parts in an often expensive piece of photography apparatus, they absolutely must do a thorough job of cleaning without the risk of any damage given proper use.

This is why we’ve reviewed the best camera lens cleaners and cleaning kits currently out there today, which are renowned for their quality, popularity and positive opinion in the world of photography.

CamKix Professional Camera Cleaning Kit reviewcamkix professional camera lens cleaning kit

This is one of the most widely use kits in the world today, and it’s not hard to see why! It’s a comprehensive set of cleaning equipment from Camkix for a very affordable price, and includes the following bits and bobs:

  • 30ml of non-alcohol cleaning fluid
  • 1 small micro-fibre cloth
  • 4 large micro-fibre cloths
  • 50 small sheets of lens cleaning tissues
  • A rubber air blower to gently blow away dust
  • A super-soft synthetic brush
  • Double-sided cleaning tool with brush and cleaning pad

In a nutshell, you would be hard pushed to find anything else you could possibly need in a cleaning kit, and all of the parts are renowned for being high quality, super-soft and gentle for your lenses.

Plus, if you order from Amazon, CamKix will even give you a one year money-back guarantee.

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Phot-R 100ml 4 in 1 Lens Cleaning Kit reviewphot-r lens cleaner

Whilst this cleaner may not be as comprehensive as the CamKix offering, it is cheaper and comes with a whopping 100ml of screen cleaner. It includes:

  • Rubber air blower
  • 2 in 1 cleaning brush
  • 100ml screen cleaning fluid
  • Micro-fibre lens cloth

It’s a more compact offering, but still comes with a lot of positive opinion on the web as a cheap-and-cheerful cleaning solution which does the job.

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ZEISS Lens Wipes reviewzeiss lens cleaning wipes

If you prefer to trust your lens cleaners to the top brands out there, then these wipes from Zeiss, the world-renowned optics maker, might be just the ticket.

This box of 200 individually-wrapped wipes might not be cheap for what they are, but as lens wipes made by one of the best lens manufacturers, you know they’ll be safe and effective.

Overall, they’re a worthy buy if you want to invest in the very best in lens care, and are ideal if you throw a few in your camera kit when you’re out on a shoot.

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With 3 of the best camera lens cleaning kits to choose from which are both effective and affordable, you can ensure that you have lens cleaner equipment which is safe and does the job well.