Best Camera Lens Brands

There are literally dozens of camera lens manufacturers out there. Whilst that’s great when it comes to having a wide range of options to choose from, it can also be a bit of a headache when you aren’t sure which brand to go with. If you’re spending hundreds of pounds on a single lens, it simply must be from a reliable brand which has a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

This is why we’ve compiled our list of the best camera lens brands out there at the moment. It’s certainly not an all-inclusive list as there are a number of other top camera lens brands out there who will give you a fantastic product, but if you stick with these, you can’t go far wrong:


When you buy a Canon DSLR, you just know that their own line of lenses are going to be up to the job. Founded in 1937, Canon is one of the world leaders in cameras for photography, and their reputation for quality flows into their range of lenses with great quality images and steadfast reliability.


Similar to the above, Nikon’s own line of lenses for their camera range are tried-and-tested, with perfect reliability, razor sharp images and advanced features. Founded in 1917, it’s a fellow leader in DSLR manufacturing.


It’s not hard to see why Tamron is so popular. Founded over 60 years ago, they specialise in camera lenses and optics, and produce a range of lenses suitable for all camera manufacturers. They’re without doubt one of the industry leaders and a safe bet for any medium-to-high level lens.


Another Japanese company founded 54 years ago, Sigma specialises in a wide range of photography products including cameras and lenses. They have one of the largest ranges out there renowned for quality and functionality, with budget-friendly lenses under the £100 mark, right up to their state-of-the-art professional line with lenses over £15,000 each!


Pretty much everyone has heard of Fujifilm. They’re one of the stalwarts of the photography industry founded in 1934. Whilst their range isn’t the largest, what they do produce is superb in quality and functionality.


Founded in 1972, Samyang optics is a South Korean company with its roots in photography and optical equipment. Whilst they are one of the lesser known brands, they have a big following and even produce lenses for other companies such as Opteka and Vivitar. They offer a wide range of lens types suitable for most major camera manufacturers.


Sony, the brand which needs no introduction, produces a line of lenses for their own cameras which are well known for sharp images, advanced optics and solid reliability. Whilst they have some expensive specialist lenses out there, most of them are actually quite affordable and a great addition to any kit set.


Founded in 1919 and based in Japan, Olympus is another household name when it comes to photography. Their lines of optic equipment are quite varied, but they do produce a premium range of DSLR lenses which are renowned for being rugged, reliable and sharp in shot.


Pentax is a brand name of Ricoh Imaging Company, one of Japan’s oldest electronics corporations. Pentax itself is associated with photography lenses, binoculars and specialist optics, and have a reasonably large range of products in a range of prices which have stood the test of time.


TOP-MAX is known for their range of photography accessories which include budget-friendly lenses. They are quite simplistic, with many of them offering manual focus only, but for the price they certainly do the job and can create some fantastic shots.