Samyang AE 14mm f / 2.8 ED IF UMC Wide Angle Lens Review

Samyang AE 14mm f / 2.8 ED IF UMC Wide Angle Lens Review

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In this Samyang AE 14mm f/2.8 ED IF UMC lens review, we’ll be reviewing Samyang’s mid-range wide angle lens for both Nikon and Canon DSLRs.

Whilst there are some superb wide angle lenses out there made by Canon and Nikon directly, the value for money from the Samyang offering can’t be beat. The 14mm focal length and special optical setup offers a whopping 90 degree field of view for expansive panoramas – even with a cropped sensor.

The 2.8 aperture lends itself well to landscape photography, with crisp focus throughout the foreground and background areas of your scene. This also gives it steadfast reliability in low-light conditions with a tripod and reduced shutter speed combination. Plus, with a minimum focus distance of only 28cm, it makes wide angle close-up shots a possibility as well.

SAMYANG 14 mm f 2.8 IF ED UMC Wide-angle Lens 2

The Samyang AE 14mm f/2.8 ED IF UMC lens is also well known for beautifully vivid shots and impressive clarity for the price tag. It’s not perfect, but considering how expensive most other wide angle lenses can be, it does offer great quality for the money, and will produce photographs you’re sure to be impressed with.

The one downside due to the price is that it’s manual focus only, but this does provide the opportunity to grab a budget-friendly wide angle lens which really does the job well. That being said, with wide landscape shots, the lack of autofocus isn’t so much of a problem, and with a bit of playing around, it’s not too difficult to get just the right focus for the perfect shot.

Some might say it’s even quite enjoyable doing some old-school manual focusing, and if you have limited experience with that, it’s a fantastic way to get to grips with it and hone your skills.

Overall, it is a lens you can create beautiful photographs with, and for the price, it’s a must-have if you’re dipping your toes into wide angle photography for the first time.


This lens is certainly built well, with solid plastic and a metal mount for a snug fit. It’s not particularly light at just over 530 grams, but with 14 glass elements, this comes as no surprise.

Samyang AE 14mm f / 2.8 ED IF UMC Lens Review features:

  • A 14mm focal length with a huge 90 degree field of view for ultra-wide angle shots
  • An f/2.8 aperture for broad focusing, making it ideal for low-light conditions and landscapes
  • A short minimum focusing distance of only 28cm for wide angle close-ups
  • Coated lenses to reduce glare, flare and ghosting
  • In-built electronics for compatibility with some Canon and Nikon DSLR features

Perfect if:

  • You want to capture ultra-wide angle shots
  • You want to try wide angle photography without spending too much
  • You want to shoot landscapes, panoramas and astro=photography

Camera compatibility

The Samyang AE 14mm f / 2.8 ED IF UMC lens comes in two versions for Canon and Nikon. The Canon version is an EF mount, so if your camera manual states that it takes EF mount lenses, then you’re good to go. For Nikon, it’s a standard F-mount, so it should work with all Nikon DSLRs.

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