Top Canon Lenses

It can be quite difficult to create a definitive list of the best lenses for Canon cameras out there. After all, there are so many different types of lens suited for so many different purposes. It can be like comparing apples and oranges.

This is why we’ve tried to include a variation of different lens types, from telephoto to macro, which are all renowned for their quality, reliability and affordable price tag.

Canon EF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 III Lens

This telescopic lens by Canon might be cheap for the amateur photographer, but it can still produce superb zoomed shots with a whopping 70mm-300mm focal length. It comes with manual or auto-focus with quiet operation, and has a respectable f/4.0-5.6 aperture to give you more versatility when it comes to focus isolation and background blur

As far as the top Canon lenses we’ve reviewed go, this is certainly one of the best out there. It doesn’t have all of the bells-and-whistles of some of the more premium models, but for the price, you can’t complain about the top-notch image quality and impressive focal range.

TOP-MAX® 420-800mm f/8.3-16 High Definition Telephoto Lens for Canon

This zoom lens by TOP-MAX is unbelievably cheap considering the quality of the metal construction and the massive 420-800mm zoom. It is truly telescopic, with good quality images throughout the full range. Given the cost, it’s to be expected that this is quite a basic lens, with manual focus and a f8.3-16 aperture. However, it’s one of the best budget entries out there which can give great looking photography and vast zooming functionality without a hefty price-tag.

Tamron SP AF150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD Lens for Canon Camera

Up nearer the more expensive range for zoom lenses is the Tamron SP AF150-600mm. The price is fully justified here, with an huge 150-600mm focal length and truly exceptional photograph quality. The whisper-quiet auto-focus also works brilliantly, with fast and razor sharp focus throughout the full zoom range. Plus, the F/5-6.3 aperture really highlights the main subjects in every shot. With anti-reflection coating and a 4-stop image stabilisation system, it’s easy to get those stunning shots. All in all, a brilliant lens.

Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

This is one of Canon’s best-selling wide-angle lenses, and for good reason! It might be budget-friendly, but it still produces spectacular, expansive shots, making it ideal for landscapes and any situation where the distance from the subject is a limiting factor. With solid manual/auto-focus, 4-stop image stabilisation and crisp sharpness from the Canon optics, it’s a very impressive lens for the cost.

Canon EF 50mm lens range

This range of Canon lenses is ideal for portrait photography. We’ve reviewed these together, as you have 3 main lenses suitable for this purpose with differing levels of quality and functionality. They all produce superb portrait shots with fine optics, low apertures and big 50mm lenses for low-light conditions. There’s the budget-friendly f/1.8 II, the mid-range f/1.4 USM, and then the upper-range f/1.2 L USM lens for professional-standard portrait photography with ultrasonic focus and beautiful bokeh results.

Canon EF 100mm macro lens range

When it comes to the best Canon lenses for macro photography, this EF 100mm range is up there with the best of them. It offers three different price ranges for the amateur photographer right up to the most serious professional. All three produce great looking macro shots with super-fine close-up detail even in lower light conditions. Photography sharpness is maintained throughout all apertures, and the f2.8L Macro IS USM produces life-size 1:1 reproduction. If you want close-up macro shots, then this is a great range to look at.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to the top Canon lenses. To find more of the best lenses for Canon, why not check out our full range of reviews? You can also check out more of our guides to help you find, buy and use the right lenses for even better photography results.